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Country and People

Egypt - Land of Pharaohs and Pyramids Link
Welcome to the realm of the Pharaohs - a real goldmine about Egypt, very interesting designed. A hot tip! Link
Giza 3D Project of Dassault Systems - a virtual walk through the pyramids, temples and tombs of the Giza Plateau Link
Welcome to Eternal Egypt - which brings to light over five thousand years of Egyptian civilization. Eternal Egypt is a living record of a land rich in art and history, people and places, myths and religions. The stories of Eternal Egypt are told using the latest interactive technologies, high-resolution imagery, animations, virtual environments, remote cameras, three-dimensional models and more. Link
Nubia - Land at the Nile Link
Absolute Egyptology - the fantastic history of the Nile valley. Link
Benben - the Ancient Egypt Link

Pyramids, Sphinx

Welcome to the Official Website for Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of the Pyramids Link
The Pyramids of Giza - speculation and science (German) Link
Planet Knowledge - Pyramids, Construction, Pharaohs (German) Link
National Geographic - Egypt secrets of the ancient world Link
Exploring the Pyramids with a virtual walk and impressing Pictures, view from the top of Cheops Pyramid Link - Webcam from the Giza Pyramids Link
The Pyramids - Giza virtual tour Link
Exploring the Pyramids with a virtual walk and impressing Pictures, view from the top of Cheops Pyramid Link
Detailed description of the 7 big pyramids of the Ancient Egypt with photos (German) Link
Step Pyramid of Saqqara Link
Map of Saqqara Link
Quarks & Co - The Egyptian Pyramids (German) Link

Gods, Tombs

The Ancient Egypt - Home of the pharaohs Link
The main theme of this site is Tut Ankh Amun and his tomb. Link
The Golden Beyond - treasures from the valley of the kings at Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig Link
A site about Echnaton. Link
A very detailed site about the goddess Hathor / Hethert Link is mainly devoted to the Tombs and Mastabas of Ancient Egypt. Link


Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae - created by the Work Group Ancient Egyptian Dictionary. Link
The art of mummification in the Ancient Egypt. Link
The UPUAUT-Page of Rudolf Gantenbrink Link
The Giza-Projekt - actual status of the work for recording miscellaneous archaeological excavation. Link
The Giza Plateau Mapping Project - dedicated to research on the geology and topography of the Giza plateau, the construction and function of the Sphinx, the Great Pyrimids, the associated tombs and temples, and the Old Kingdom town in the vicinity. Link
Theban Mapping Project - Informations about the excavation of the biggest tomb KV5 in the Valley of the Kings, that has been ever found in Egypt Link
Pyramid forum at the W&T(Wissenschaft und Technik) publishing house Link


Egyptian Museum Cairo Link
Egyptian Museum Berlin Link
Tut Ankh Amun. The Golden Afterlife. Tomb treasures from the Valley of the Gods - Exhibition from November 4, 2004 till May 1, 2005 at Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn. Link
Antikenmuseum Basel and Sammlung Ludwig (German) Link
Museum of Science - The search for Immortality, treasures of the ancient Egypt Link


HAGIB - Hobby Egyptian Community at Bremervörde Link
Well done Hieroglyphe-Fonts for the PC. Link
Egypt - Secrets of the Ancient World Link
Awesome site about Egypt - Gods, Pyramids, Tombs, Places, very extensive information (German). Link
Lots of subjects about Egypt - Pernefer, Gods, hieroglyphics and much more. Link
On this site you'll find topics like pharaohs, gods or hieroglyphics, but also lots of pictures (also animated), backgrounds and lines for use on your homepage. There is a funy programm to convert "live" letters into hieroglyphs. Link, Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs, Pyramids and Gods! Actual Infos Infos and Newsletter (German) Link - Ägypten, a present of the Nile Link - Discover archeology again! Link
L-O-C-A-L.COM - Local links from Egypt Link

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