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Science Fiction, Ufo, Mystery
Leisure Time
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private Homepages

Mentasoma - Coaching - Laughing at Cologne. Relieving stress in a very special manner. Link - an alive encyclopedia from gods to occultism. Link
Homepage of Maria Puffer - Very nice page with a gallery of self decorated candles, with report of a journey through Egypt Link
Show Color, Water Color Pictures, Drawings on demand, Travel Reports and Pictures, Reports Video Cutting and Picture Editing. Link
Website of Volkmar Meyd - Infos about Krautrock, Prog- and Jazzrock. Other topics are: web programming, linkswap and bannerswap and slides + videos from Hannover and Ricklingen. Furthermore I'm operating a garage sale with cheap proposals. Link
Homepage of Christoph Martyna - Private Photo Galery, Toplist for Photo and Arts Link
Dimension-Portal - Many interesting topics about Indians, Horoscope, reading the cards, runes and much more. Have a look, you will be surprised! (German) Link
Mystic Garden, magical greeting cards - send pleasure with greeting cards of special kind:
Send free ecards for all purpose, e.g. birthday, holiday, love, eroticism, humor, pets, angels, fantasy, and more, also animated ecards with/without sound, individual greeting cards or own pictures, ecards with effect/music and colour design is possible. (German)
Roberts Website - News on Roberts website offers games, tools for websites, computer tips, sayings, videos and much more.... Link - A price comparison search for used dvds online Link
Holly's Körperwelt - very private site with lot of useful stuff (German) Link
Homepage of Phillip Wendland - Private Homepage with characteristics, jokes, hints and tricks, guestbook, photo album, downloads and much more. Link
Protect Israel - Blog around and for Israel with lots of useful information about the political situation, the country and people, travelling and much more. Focus is on the Middle east conflict. Link
Supernatural Minds - Home of the greatest minds in the world. Link
Karaoke Information - Many of us like to sing out aloud even if we have a terrible singing voice. Link - Critical reflexions and considerations about topics like science of the unknown, esoterism and magic. Link
Welcome to Abfallon - The Celtic style personal website of A. F. Stewart, featuring short stories, poems, graphics, movie reviews and weblinks. Link - funny things. Link - Humorous stories and drawing and topical articles. Link - All about Fimo modeling clay, Fimo Gallery. Link swap and much more Link
Dagmar and Family - Long coated german sheperds. From many years experience the breeder gives information on how to raise and train Long Haired German Shepherds. Link
Diskuskeller - Here you find informationen and suggestions about the discus fish Link - a page for all those who want to have fun, some nice pictures or gifs, or some help with their homepage Link
Homepage of Maria Larbig - nice private site with poems, stories, sayings and pictures. Link
TheDeadman Walking - a private homepage with selfmade offer of fun stuff. Link
PresidentPoker - experience the fascination of a new Poker dimension! Play FREE exciting interactive LIVE Poker games on your TV or PC screen. You are not playing against the house, the bank or a PC program but against players from all over the world.
100% fun - action - entertainment
MATHPROF - a simple to use Maths program with grafical 2D and 3D diagrams, for schoolboys, students and teachers. Besides this constructions in 2D and 3D may be produced and analyzed. Link
History of the Celts Link
Federfuchs Short Stories Belletristics - pure belletristics just for entertainment! Link
Homepage of Carsten Ohloff - Homepage with private Data and Handball Link
Homepage of Andy Timmermann - lots of information about astronomy Link
Homepage of Gabriele Timmermann - All about the teddy bear Link
Egypt resources - egypt related news, books and regional resources Link - WorksUnpublished is a site dedicated to aspiring writers. We are a FREE writing community striving to develop discussions and foster feedback. Link
Nursery Rhymes and Silly Stuff Link
The Hymns and Carols of Christmas Link - the madest rebus of the world. Link - this site will calculate all math lessons of the German 1st to 10th class. Link
Momzrecipes - a great place to find all the things that make life a nicer experience Link
Jim Loy's Home Page - amazing personal site with a huge number and range of links on almost *all* topics. There are hours and hours of good browsing on Jim Loy's site, covering a huge and gloriously eclectic range of topics Link
Homepage of Samantha Schneider - Online-Comic in a strange world, galery. Comic- and Mangalinks, link lists fpr you! Link
Homepage of Petra Braun - changing themes out of life. Link
Homepage of Rolf Weber - funstuff, short interesting flash films and more Link
Games and DVD Shop - order online games and DVD`s. Here you may order cheap games of different types, PC games, consoles games, DVD`s, DVD adventure movies, DVD action movies, DVD series and computer accessories. Link
download4fun - here you'll find a lot of fun. Videos, sounds, pictures, interactive flash programs and more. Link
Bruce Kauffman - Devoted to my favorite links with descriptions of the sites Link
Andrea's Webpage - Informations about Human Rights, Cooking Book, Women, Downloads, Page for Children Link
Dino-online - private homepages and lots of infos Link
Buchholzer Game Connection - Ein Clan from Niedersachsen, organizes networks Link


Seti-Deutschland (Seti-Germany) - scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence with fun in a team. Link
Seti-Berlin - Search for extraterrestrial intelligence with a computer program that deciphers signals from outer space. Link
First contact with SETI@home - informations about the SETI@home-Project, infos also for computerfreaks and technical interests Link
Ello's Homepage - Interesting things about astronomy, aliens, SETI@home, and cool links to different subjects. Info's about his home Gröden and the neighbourhood. Link
This is Peter Ericson's Web site, a setihome member - Here you can find all sorts of information I've chosen to publish on the Web, such as my writings, autograph collection, and information about me. Link

Science Fiction, Ufo, Mystery - An indepth site that explores the evidence of alien visitation from ancient times to the present, download ufo video footage, ufo audio, ufo picture, gallery, etc... Link - Original SciFi Artwork and Writings (Englisch) Link - NYUFO is a Ufo Resource Website dedicated to the theme of Ufology & Under Ground Technology Updated Daily Link - Here you can find lots of mysterious things. News, Articles and Stories about UFO's, Alien's, Pyramids, Conspiracies and MUCH MORE ! You are very welcome to check it all out and join the discussion at our FORUM at Link - Exploring the evidence of the alien presence. (Englisch) Link
Testamentum Salomonis - the 36 demons of King Salomon, the 666 and the number 13 ... Link
Mystery Things - Welcome to the site of the unusual Link - Award winning UFO site with photographs, Roswell, Area51, crop circles, abductions, conspiracy theories and more Link
True X Files Forum - diskussion panel about paranormal, conspiracy theories and Aliens Link
Paranormal Phenomenon - Links to information regarding Paranormal, UFO's and NDE's Link
Witt's Wallpapers - The site includes several thousand computer wallpapers [ Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, SciFi, Star Trek, Star Wars), SciFi startup and shutdown screens, a collection of Cursors and Icons and lots more. Link
Glen Avalon - eclectic/esoteric portal, mysteries and scientifics, Sun, Earth, Moon and much more. Great site! Link
The Magic-Mystery-Shop - is an online shop with esterism literature, furnigate goods, medicinal plants, reiki, tarot, astrology, mandalas, Middle Age ceramics and much more Link - Forum with many topics like Alien / Ufo, Gothic, Conspiracy, Science of the Unknown, Humor, Magic, Vampirism and more.
It's worthwhile to have a look !!!
Bane of Lies - Psi, Chi, Ki, it's all the same here, unlock powers you never dreamt possible. Are you ready to experience the power of life? Link - is the official site of occult fiction author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric tradition. Link - The ultimate stargate community! Fanstuff, downloads, guides and much more! Link
Archaeology Resources - archaeology related news, books and web resources. Link - Diskus Mystery & Fun Homepage Link
Mysterie-World - Lasst euch entführen in die Welt des Geheimnisvollen und Unbekannten! Link - Science Fiction Magazine about Gene Roddenberry's 'Andromeda'. Link
Mystery- Ufos - Unknown - X-Files - Psi-Links and Books - Mystery -Ufos -Unknown -X-Files - Astrology - Astronomy. Link
UFO-Casebook - UFO videos, huge picture archive, reports and lots of infos. Link
The Underground Files - because the Truth is stronger than Fiction Link - - Lots about UFOs and ALiens with many pictures and videos!!! Link - - strange and mysterious topics, computers, links to other cool stuff Link
The Science-Fiction World Link
TOK RA - - this site is dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy, links, pictures and guestbook, pages for Stargate and Mission Earth Link
Projekt Utopian - Everything about Utopia, Trends, Visions. Divided in categories like technique, environment, science fiction, society etc., there is a lot to discover.
Anybody may join !
Roland's Space Pages - Private homepage with a lot of infos concerning stars and space, but also literature, stocks and finance. Link
Perry Rhodan Exchange and Info Pages - exchange advertisements and Perry Rhodan news, forum, links and chat Link
Perry Rhodan Fanpage - everything about Perry Rhodan, with votings and much more ! Link
Science Fiction & Fantasy-Gallery - Science Fiction and Fantasy-Pictures from Norbert Reichinger for Perry Rhodan, space ships, Amazons, Nature a.m. Link
Area 51 - on Area 51 you find free SMS service, newsletter, chat, jokes, midi files, cool links, pictures and reports about the secret base Area 51, lots of download and much more Link

Leisure Time

The bigwordfamily or shortly bwffamily - the internet platform for the whole family! Link
The Best of Costa Rica you'll find here: Costa Rica Country Guide - Information for Travel and Vacations in Costa Rica find Discount Hotels, Parks, Beaches, Resorts and Rent a Car in Costa Rica Link
viventura - South America Travelling - Travel Agency for South America ! Link
Infos about the beautiful Bad Sachsa (Harz) and two attractive holiday appartments Link
PERU TOURS - TRIPS TO PERU - PERU TRAVEL - Perou Voyage is an independent tour operator specializing in tailor made tours to Peru and escorted fixed-date departures for both cultural and adventure packages Link - Information concerning travelling and vacation on the Web. a guide to destinations and travelling topics from A - Z. Link

Internet - a sheet music search engine for people that either want to find free or commercial sheet music Link
The site 'kostenlos und sparen' offers a lot of freebies at the internet. Best for bargain hunters! (German) Link
Free and independant comparison of giro accounts Link
Dirs Now - Online Directories Link
World Storm - search engine optimization. Link
Martins Weblog Link Link
Fileshare, Filesharing, Download - offers miscellaneous information and hints about filesharing and download. Link
Linkswap Partner - Linkswap Web Catalogue Link - Germany's free dealer portal for trade, societies, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, with calendar of events, mercantile directory, company search and more. Link
SMS via PC - allows your company to send text messages (SMS) in a easy and convenient way. You can define for each employee what the Sender ID should be. (e.g. his phone no. or your company name!). Link - perhaps the most comprehensive german fun site at the internet Link
Jürgen Kneller's Gif Galery - &more than 3333 pictures an animations, optimized and well sorted Link
Have problems with your pc? Looking for good instructions, downloads, news, hints and tricks? Here you are right. I offer: instructions, actual news of the computer scene, downloads, toplist, linklist, hints and tricks, newsletter, metatag generator, popup generator, pics of the week, script archive and much more... ( Link
Free Textlink Exchange Link
Wolle at WWW - private Site of Wolfgang Galjaard Link
FastScout - Die search engine of the future - The fastest search engine of the world Link
X-BOMBE - The Newsletter to the cool Sites Link
Die interactive Newsgroup-Homepage Link

Web Design

Fabian Gross B.A. - Design | Interface | Print Link
ONLYFREE.DE - free tools & services for webmasters Link - creates graphics, multis, time banners. Here you may advertise your site for free. Simply enter your banner for free. Find free music, banners, graphics, samples, ad space, flash header and much more. We create time banners, multi banners according to themes. Low cost logos may be created with all rights. Link
Welcome To - Affordable Web Hosting. Link is a site for webmaster and beginners. - here you find uesful tips, tricks and workshops for creating your homepage, lots of downloads and links concerning different regions of design and programming. You may install a shoutbox, which will give mmore interactivity to your homepage. - Simply Webdesign..
Evolution Websites - is a network of free services. We offer free websites, free deals like trials, samples, complimentary products, free cartoons & jokes, free cash monthly sweepstakes, free business cards, free financial tools and promotional tools. Link
Homepage Help - Everything for your own homepage - Tips for making a homepage. You find everything for your own site including games and programs. Link
Everything that's desired by a growing webmaster - HTML, CSS, XML, Linux and lots more. Since man should not only work, there's much about wolfes, a lot of satire and... Link - Search for homepages, or add your homepage to our database Link
Feldratte - 1300 animiated GIFs, Banners, Buttons, selected and tested Java Scripte to pop up your Homepage Link
AD's Javascript's - free JavaScript's for your homepage Link
All free on Nullmark. Your Partner in Web Design Link


aboutPC - computer history, news, linux and lots of things around the PC Link - PC emergency service at Worms with pagerank hints banner and more Link - computer help, 24 hrs hotline Link
Cartridge4You - Welcome to Cartridge4You, the Ink Supplies Megastore. We stock Compatible and OEM Cartidges, Bulk Inks, Refill Machines, Photopaper for all major Printer and Fax Brands Link - Computer and Net Technology (German) Link
Roland Häder - Free downloads for DOS and Linux with free banner rotation, linklist, partner exchange and more! Link
Website of Nghiem Phu Cuong - A lot of IT e-books, IT theses Link
*** THE REAL BILL *** - big archive with jokes, Emulation-Corner (Emulators and Rom-Links), useful tools and Stuff like screensavers and fonts for download, Linux-crash-course, dictionary, Qbasic, Link exchange, chat Link


GEiZNETWORK - it does not work stingier (German) Link
Wedding car - Our Cabriolet Chrysler Sebring. With a length of almost 5 meters there is enough place. Not only for Spring and Summer but even for Autumn and Winter! (German) Link
SL Car Purchase - Purchase of any Car, Truck, we buy any used car independant of engine failure or accident car. Link
Buy and sell a car Link
K.O. Tuning - Here you find cheap parts for cars but also cheap car hifi systems and accessories. Link

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