Greetings from the Internet, virtual Postcards - free greeting cards for all occasions Link - free greeting cards/ecards, birthday cards and much more Link
Mystic Garden, magical greeting cards - send pleasure with greeting cards of special kind:
Send free ecards for all purpose, e.g. birthday, holiday, love, eroticism, humor, pets, angels, fantasy, and more, also animated ecards with/without sound, individual greeting cards or own pictures, ecards with effect/music and colour design is possible. (German)
Creddy's eCards - very nice free eCards Link - free ecards Link - free digital greeting cards Link
Gabys Love and Romantic Postcard Office Link
Wonderful erotic pictures of women, men and couples - mostly black and white. You may also upload own pictures and send them as a greeting card. Flash films (swf) may also be uploaded. Link
Uli Stein eCards Link
again Uli Stein eCards Link
eCards of Windel Winni, Diddl and Pimboli Link
The Newspaper from Your Birthday Link
300 love letters, written by hand in English Link
free ecards from, subjects from Egypt Link
eCards from the Mystery-Park in the Upper Country of Bern Link
Ecards for many occasions Link
PicPark eCards Link
American Greetingcards Link
free ecards from Frankfurt-Interaktiv - very nice subjects (in English also) Link
Greetings from 'Willy' to Her or Him ;-)) Link
Kamasutra Cards Link
Send the most erotic ecards ever! Link
send a headline with the name of your (girl)friend Link
Yahoo greetingcards - big collection of nice cards, also for St. Valentine's Day Link
Mainzelmännchen greeting cards Link
Cards with the "Clickfish" Link
Turtle postcards Link
WindelWinni Fansite - with eCards Link
simple graphics, but also animated cards Link
Disney Cards Link
Laughing, Dancing, Singing Cards for you and all your friends! Link
Virtual Kisses Link
Greeting cards mailed free from California Link
Cards, Cartoons 'n Comedy Link
send a card with spoken greetings Link
To the Abyss with WEB.DE Link
Flirtcards and e-mails Link
erotic und frivolous Postcards Link
Cards only from men to women Link
Ultrabyte Webdesign - Paperless Postcards Link
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards Link
Greetings Unlimited Link
Electronic Bear-Greetings Link
Märklin Greeting Cards Link
The Postcard Desk Link
Digital Postcard Service Link
Easter-Greetings Link
Digital Postcards with e.g. Diddl-Motives Link
Postcards e.g. from Art, Sports and Erotic Link
Greetings from and for Fans Link
Holliday Greetings from Home Link
Crazy, imaginative Comic-Cards Link
Erotic Cards Link

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