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ONLYFREE.DE offers free tools & services for a successful homepage: HP-tools, tutorials or samples. Every webmaster will find his appropiate tool. Link
Free Tools and Content Feeds for Webmasters Link
Create your own "visited country map" Link
A workshop for all those who like to inform themselves about making a website Link
Lots of little programs for creating a homepage. Link
A online internet course with glossar. To begin but not only for beginners! Link
eKiwi - free services for webdesign, banners, scripts, tips. Link
free content for your homepage Link
404 research lab - infos, examples and more of 404 Link
lots of stuff for webmasters Link
Cool Web Design - We are happy to welcome you to Cwd. Cwd is a design inspired portal which is gathering the best web designs in just one place. Link
Web Developer's virtual library Link
Free stuff for webmasters (link archive) Link
Designer in Action, the resource-site for creatives, with download and greeting cards Link
useful hints and tricks for webdesigner. Freeware section with more than 130 german freeware programs. Webdesign, metatag- and popup-generator. Link
Webgfx - the ultimate page for webmasters und graphik fans Link
Own PopUp without JavaScript knowledge, Service for entry in search engines, a Meta-Generator and more than 1.000 FREE-PICS. Link
The mega community for webmasters, all necessary tools and services Link
Gismo's Page - Excellent tips for your homepage, not only for webmasters Link
the Website-Tuner, great Tools for your homepage Link
Online-Tools for your Homepage Link
Freeware for your own homepage Link
Top info site for your homepage promotion Link


All about Christmas picturesr. All pictures are well-assorted and free to use Link
120.000 free and legal graphics and sounds Link
Picture box with free graphics Link
Dingbats - fonts to be composed of pictures, sorted in alphabetical order for download as ZIP-archives Link
Create favicons from pictures that are up to 5 MB from either JPG, PNG or GIF or even from a gallery. Link
Iconsurf - the ultimate icon search engine. This search aid has more than 200.000 saved icons. Link
Icons for all - The land of icons in fact is a small town. All icons are sorted (computer, Music, foods etc), of good quality and are free for private use. Available also for Mac and Linux. Link
Icons and Themes Link
More than 10000 Icons Link - more than 2500 smileys Link
John Tien's Icon Page Link
Sound archive, cliparts and more Link
Fonts, Icons, Clip Art, Animations, Sounds, Logo Generator and more Link, the big gif archive, well sorted and clearly arranged Link
Zampano, GIF-animations in the www Link
800+ Animated GIFs Libary Link
Animated Gif´s Link
Andy Animated GIFs Link
Anything for your homepage for free Link
Index of /graphics4all Link
InfoOrbit Products GifoMania Link

Scripts (cgi, Perl, Flash, php)

Easy and fast to create Navigation Menus ! Instantly add your Text and Links to any of the animated buttons. A webmaster tool that will add both functionality and flavor to your site. Link
Cheetah scripts Free script directory - Thousands of free php scripts Java Scripts and more Link
Free Flash Downloads and Resources - Clocks, Calendars, Counters and Quizzes, Media Players, Calculators, Games Link
free scripts for use with homepages Link
The small portal Flash-Up knows more than 1550 cool surftips Link
Flash Planet Link - many free scripts Link
Lots of flash programs Link
Generator for Flash Intros Link
CGI-Forum Link
cgi, java, java-script, html, news, chat etc. Link
the Script-Community, java, php and more Link
Interactive scripts for your homepage. Link
GUIStuff offers you many free tools to create a great-looking website. Download one of dozens of graphical interfaces, use our Flash, DHTML, and graphics generation tools to add spice to your page. Link
Matt's Script Archive Link
ScriptSearch - The Worlds Largest CGI Library Link
The CGI Resource Index Link
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Link
Script archive with more than 2100 items for Perl Link


1-2-3 WEBTOOLS - Free HTML guestbooks Link
Dreambook - Free Guestbook Server Link
shopworld Link
Lycos GuestWorld Link Link


WebCounter by GOWEB Internetdienste Link
Beseen's Hit Counter Link
Numero - The High Tech Counter Link
FreeStats Link
freeware - for free people / Counter Link
HEWA Internet Service Link
LinkExchange - FastCounter Link
LiveCounter Plug and Play Link
NedStat Basic Website Link


Hints for making banners and other links Link
Create your banners online Link
free online banner generator at with more than 1000 exclusive design samples Link
Banner generators 2 Link


JavaScript-Blacklist - A small collection of javascripts, from annoying to vicious and dangerous. Link
Kaffee&Kuchen, the leading German Java page Link
Kakao & Kekse - the German JavaScript-directory Link
The JavaScript Planet, more than 700 JavaScripts Link - more than 400 free Javascripts Link
Comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS Tutorials and over 400+ free JavaScripts Link
the Script-Community, java, php and more Link
Hot Web Java Applets Link
Planet Mamos, The Java Script Planet Link
The Javaboutique - lots of free java-scripts Link
The JavaScript Source!! Free Java-Scripts Link
lots of stuff for webmasters, Java and more Link
Ready-made JavaScripts and links to all themes around JavaScript Link
more than 500 free JavaScripts Link
Alan's Page: Java and JavaScript Link
AD's JavaScript's - free JavaScript's for your homepage Link
Netscape JavaScript Guide Link
Javascript - Mailinglist Link
Marco´s JavaScript-Collection Link
Stefan Mintert - JavaScript 1.2 Link
FAQ de.comp.lang.javascript Link
Anfy Java Developer Page Link
Java-Games, like Tetris, PacMan, Four Wins Link
Lots of stuff for HTML and JAVA Link


HTML-course 2001 - especially for newcomers (in German) Laden
Tips, tricks and problem solutions for the use of HTML Link
html code validator Link
HTML-Dictionary from Marco Abrar Link
Dictionary for Abbreviations Link


Create your free homepage (German) Link
Survey of webspace provider Link
Check if you are registered as owner and aadmin-C of a de-domaine (enter domaine name without .de) Link
Show your homepage as if looking in a mirror with "Mirror-Sites". Just enter URL and be amazed. Link
Links for (Web)-Programming Link
List of Freeware Homepages Link
Free homepage patterns Link
Database for homepages from Link
The catalogue to the best private websites Link
A Lot of Freeware for Web Designers Link

Virus Scanners

AntiVir Personal Edition (H+B EDV), free for private use Link
H+BEDV Datentechnik: AntiVir Link
IKARUS Software Link
Symantec Germany Link
McAfee (Network Associates) Link
Norman Virus Control Link
Sophos AntiVirus Link
GData AntiVirenKIT Link

Online Scan / Security Check

Shields UP! quickly checks the SECURITY of YOUR computer's connection to the Internet Link
Port scan - Get an instant security analysis now. You dont even need to know your own IP address! Link presents you the worlds most comprehensive free vulnerability assessment for your servers! Link
SecuritySpace security audits - Examine your system with 1139 vulnerabililties, listed in high, medium, low and other risk categories Link


ZoneAlarm - provides solid PC protection for the home user. It's free for personal and non-profit use. Link
Tiny Personal Firewall - combines stateful inspection firewall, signature based intrusion detection engine and active sandbox protection against all new and unknown viruses, worms and trojans. Free for personal use. Link

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