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HowTo's, Help for Linux

A Linux-Introduction (in German for Acrobat Reader) Load
The Linux-Book of Thomas Ermer (in German) Link
Linux Guide to Installation & Configuration (online-Version), by Matt Welsh & Lar Kaufman, O'Reilly Press Link - resources to help with printing under free operating systems like GNU/Linux and the BSDs or under commercial UNIX-like systems such as Solaris and OS X. Link - hypertext tutorials about the operation system Linux (in German) Link
Linux Shortcuts and Commands Link
Homepage of Hubertus Sandmann - Linux for beginners and digital video recorder Link
The Suse Linux Support-Database Link
SuSE Linux Knowledge Portal - free to configure with search engine for SuSE independent Linux topics Link
Linux User FAQ - everybody may add his hints Link
The Linux-HOWTO'S, German Linux HOWTO Project Link
German Linux HOWTO-Project: German HOWTOs about Distributions, Printers, FidoPoint, Firewall, Kernel, Installation, ISP-Connsction, PPP, Samba, Sound, XFree86, ZIP Link
Step-by-step instructions for Newcomers and experts.
Here you may download the complete site
extensive rpm databank (not SUSE), if dependencies are missing, this databank knows lots of packages with the needes files Link
Linux Orbit - a Portal with Infos and quicktips, anybody may contribute Link - a portal with questions about grafics and Linux, download of the corresponding programs Link - centre of informations for Linux-users, but also lots of help for newcomers. The page is divided in different categories, such as audio and sound, databanks, development, emulators, games, graphics, hardware, internet and Network. (english) Link
Extensive collection of hints and solutions for lots of Linux problems Link
Linux Documentation Project (LDP) - extensive list with explanations for Linux, links to HowTo's and manpages, FAQ's as HTML-document Link
complete Linux-Guide - discussion area, applications, utilities, games, choice of the best distribution Link
This document explains how to write CD-ROMs under Linux. Link
Help for Configuration of Services (ISDN) Link
Hints, tools and drivers for ISDN for Linux Link
ISDN4LINUX - FAQ from Matthias Hessler, a comprehensive description of ISDN for Linux Link
Help on ISDN for Linux Link
for Beginners - Crash Course for Linux Link
The new LINDOWS Version 4 - released June 24, 2003 - downloaded, installed and (superficially) exmained - a long, long page, but there is a lot to explain! Link

Systems, Distributions - the multilingual site offers a review of known and unknown Linux distributions with detailed infos about function, technical basis and scope of contained software packages. Link
Linux Standard Base - The project for standardization of Linux system (Linux Standard Base). For the first time a detailled structure of the file system is presented which shows exactly where all the fils in a Linux system have to be stored. Link
A list of almost 200 (!) Live CD versions of Linux Link
Survey of actual Linux distributions - with Caldera, CLE, Corel Standard, Debian, Linpus, Mandrake Standard, Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE and TurboLinux.
Data like release date, price, support time, documentation, but also kernel-versions and versions of other programs that are included in the distributions are available
Here you will find the ISO's for 35 different flavors of Linux. Download and burn a file containing a CD disk image of a standard Linux distribution: That's an exact copy of a complete, ready-to install Linux distribution, just as it ships on a CD. Link
Land of the Penguin - a survey of the distributions as a help for your choice Link
Knoppix, a Free and Open Source Live Linux CD. Knoppix is a GNU/Linux distribution that boots runs completely from cd. Link
Damnsmalllinux - a complete mini-OS on a memory stick Link
Desktop/LX - easy installation, ...and it works ! Link
Phatlinux - install and test Linux within Windows Link
Lindows - the project of a new OS to run both Windows and Linux programs Link
S.u.S.E. Linux Link
Red Hat Linux Link
Linux-Forum of the Red-Hat-Linux-Supporter Innominate Link
Troll Tech, Manufacturer of the QT-Library Link
Debian GNU/Linux Link
BHV Linux Software Link
Delix GmbH, almost anything fpr Linux Link
The KDE(K Desktop Environment)-Project Link
The GNOME-Project (Gnu Network Object Model Environment); KDE-Alternative Link

News, Info's

Linux online: the Main Page of all Linux Fans... Link
The Linux-Community, Informations on actual Linux-Themes Link
Linux Info Center - News, Infos, Events Link - News, Hints, Tricks and Workshop for Linux Link
KDE Usability Study - On this site you can find information on what the KDE Usability Study is all about, how to get involved, and how it is improving KDE Link
the latest Linux-distributions, exquisite literature and games for the operating system of the future, newsletter Link
Lots of news about Linux Link
Hints and Infos for Linux and DHTML Link
Lots of Linux-information and additional links Link


KDE applications - a vast choice of programs Link
The KDE Edutainment Project is a project designed to create educational software based around KDE, e.g. klatin, a trainings programm for Latin Link
Lineup of Windows and Linux programs - so you may see which software is available for Linux and which alternatives you have for a certain problem Link
Everything from icon to wallpaper for the KDE-desktop Link
The Free Software Directory - is a project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). We catalog useful free software that runs under free operating systems particularly the GNU operating system and its GNU/Linux variants. Link - a collection of useful links concerning Linux. Primarily these are links to pages with dokumentation, configurations and software, but also much more other topics about Linux. Link
Linux2Order - software for free and to pay for Link
Linux Software Link
Linux downloads at t-online Link
Searching for *.rpm files for program installation Link - Linux Freeware Link
Linux-Software, Freeware Link
Linux Virusscan Link
Linux NOW: program library and Linux-forum Link
actual Linux-Kernel sources and -patches Link
Linux Software Map: a detailed list of lots of Linux programs Link
Google - search engine with a special search for Linux sources Link
News, software and technical infos for Linux Link


Questions about Linux and Hardware Link
Documentation, drivers and reports about hardware Link
Athlon Buyers' Guide - a short survey about AMD's actual CPU's will show which AMD-CPU - Classic, Thunderbird, Duron or Athlon 4 - is the best for building or upgrade of a Linux-System (in english). Link
Linux Hardware Database - Hardware for Linux, from CD-Burner to Videocard with a weighting of the applicability (in english). Link
Linux Buyer's Guide #10 - four profiles will show the necessary parts for building a Linux-PC: Low-End (more likely a price hammer), Mid-Range, SMP (Dual-Processor) and Power-User. A highlight is the recommendation of suitable scanners, printers and digital cameras (in englisch). Link
External Parallel Port devices and Linux Link
Home of the Linux USB Project - created to serve as a central point of information for USB support under Linux. Link
Linux-USB device overview - these pages should give you an overview of known USB devices and their status (fully supported, partially supported or not supported). Link

Games for Linux

Joysticks under Linux Link Link - the area "Games" shows selected links and short infos. Besides links to "development toolkits" for programmers, "Game network daemons" for multiplayer-games and "video-console emulation" you'll find games from A like Apollo to Z like ZNibbles. Link
The Linux Game Tome Link
LinuxQuake Link Link
LokiSoft Link
Linux Game Development Center Link

Linux Magazines

Linux User - the magazine for users and newcomer Link
The Linux Magazine Link
The Linux pages of PC-Welt Link
The German Linux-Magazine Link
The Linux-Gazette ist a free monthly magazine in the internet Link
Linux-Journal Link
LinuxLand International Link

Windows with Linux

WINE - Use Windows-Programs under Linux Link
Doslinux - testing Linux in your DOS/Windows-System Link
Testing Linux online without installing it Link


The annual Linux Day Link
Annual Linux Beer Walk (Bierwanderung) Link
Linuxworld Conference & Expo Link
Linux Congress Link


Virtual meeting place for Linux-User Link
Credit cards with the Penguin for Linux-Fans Link
A "Linux-Hotel" opened in Essen Link


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