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PC Problems

5 Star Support is a global computer support site that has helped thousands of people in need of computer help. Link
Online help for your PC problems Link
PC Support Tips .com - where you can get free access to some of the best small business PC support tips on the Web Link
Gizmo Richards' Tech Support Alert - A Guide to the Web's Best Technical Support Resources Link
Tips and tricks, patches, updating and management tools and a whole lot more! Link
Computer and Chat Tutorials, Help, Tricks and Quick Fixes Link
Homepage of Hubertus Sandmann - digital video recorder Link
This site will show you how to install, upgrade, reinstall, repair, troubleshoot and fix Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT, OEM computers ( Dell, Advent, Time, HP, and Compaq home PC's and Laptops ). Also tips, tricks, help, hints, how to build a computer plus much much more. Link
Forum for questions concerning PC problems Link

Drivers - The most up to date source for printer drivers, video drivers, modem drivers and more. Link
Actual drivers for all systems Link
This French site (English translation available onsite) has a huge base of BIOS files, drivers, firmware, utilities, service packs etc. Link
In case some dll's for your Windows system are missing, you may find them here and copy to your windows\system directory (c:\windows\system) Link
Deinstallation of DirectX for WinXP Link
Deinstallation of DirectX for older Win-Versions Link
Alternativ: stop single DirectX-Components with the program Dxdiag
to be found under: \windows\system or \windows\system32

Hardware - Welcome to Michael Karbo's Online Service. A modern online-magazine with more than 500 illustrated articles for the critical reader! e.g.:
Start studying the design of a PC motherboard.
Learn about harddisks and other drives.
Learn about the PC I/O system.
Learn about the PC video system.
Forum for data rescue
in this self-help forum the user who has trouble with loss of data finds lots of articles to help restore the data unaided and therefore cheap. Normally the user can restore the data himself. (German)
Link - all about printers and ink. (German) Link

Boot Disks

Bart's PE Builder v3 - Build your own Windows PE (WinPE) Boot-CD Link
Setup (start) disks with CD-Rom support (Dos 5.0 to WinXP Pro), Utilities, Workshops Link
Bootdisks - All Disks Include Universal CDrom Drivers, Drivers, Howto's Link


DSL Speedtest - Results to be multiplied with 8 gives kBit/s Link
Different speed tests from Link
DSL speed test from (English) Link
Checking the MTU value of the DSL connection Link


BIOS-Kompendium - Possibilities and Adjustments Link


One of the Internet's premier sites for detailed PC reference information Link
What the browser tells about you, click "HTTP Request Viewer". Link
With this special search engine Eurip, you can see the direct neighbours on the same server of a webhoster like Strato or Puretec, if your own page is registered there.
Enter the search string: "details:" ein.
Chaos Computer Club e.V. Link
Where to donate and recycle old computer equipment Link

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