Bizarre, Funny and Strange Things

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That small is man!

Her you find simply nothing !

Check if LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at Cern has already destroyed the world

a Google Map showing air traffic over Zurich in real time mode

Air traffic observed from space. All flights of a whole day.

33 of the most intricate and realistic Lego creations

World Statistics, refreshed in realtime

Rapidly drawing a woman

Mona Lisa with MS Paint

Scribble - be quick with your mouse

Maps of the World drawn with relative data, e.g. the number of old people or birth rates etc. Klick on the right top at "Next Map"

War of the stickmen, awesome.

Amazing things with tampons

Questions posed by life
(You may download the Powerpoint Viewer here )

Clean your room when your parents come to visit

What a hamster is having in mind ?!

The daftest page on the net

Collection of unbelievable good pictures!

Only useful if you really have nothing else to do

Surfer at the Court of Law - bring some humor to everydays life.
Scare a friend with a funny dissuasion or citation!

George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice

More than 7000 funny mistakes from over 880 movies

a flash film to zoom what you can

Copperfield's Illusion (needs Powerpoint or PP-Viewer)

Computer stupidities, stories and anecdotes about ignorant PC users


Especially for smokers

the one and only German satire magazine

Determine your Psycho profile
(by Internet Magazin)

Test your PC IQ (IE necessary)

Do you believe in ghosts ?

Here you may see a website from different points of view,
reflected, distorted, disarranged letters, need glasses

This chart counts fatalities due to 67 reasons happening just in the moment in the world. All informationen is based on statistics of the WHO.

Here you can see the earth's population grow

How to cook an alien and other "picky" recipes

astonishing analysis concerning reading

1. A glas of red wine - Spanish if possible - put on the right side of the keyboard
2. set up your sun glasses and look cool
3. sing along very loud so that also your neighbours can benefit

G.W.B. in a differnt way

Do you like to exasperate helpless heads of a family, do you light up cats and annoy babies?
Then you are right at "murphys-law".

The most tiny website of the world

The morbidest website of the world - lots of nonsense

The W-Files - education that no one needs