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Rules of different card games
Card Games
Board Games
Online Games


Rules of different card games

Schafkopf (also Schaffkopf) Link
Grasobern Link
Watten Link
Skat Link
Rommé Link
Canasta Link

Card Games Link
Schafkopf + Skat (for net also) Link
Skat, Skat-Academy, Skat Tournaments, Skat Books Link
ISPA-Homepage Link
International Skat Homepage Link
Skat sports in the German internet Link
The Skat Paradise Link

Board Games

Mahjongg-Kyodai, highly recommended ! Link
Board and Palour Games Link

Online Games

GamesOnline Link
Java Games, like Tetris, PacMan, Four Wins Link
The games forum at the internet Link


The portal for building instructione of paper planes Link
Rubik's Cube, invented by Erno Rubik 1974 in Budapest. Solve the cube online in 3D Link
Flight Gear Flight Simulator Link
Games Zone Link
Hints for more than 700 games Link
Lucasarts Link
Gamesmania Link
A Mecca for Playstation Fans Link


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