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UFO's don't exist!!

Live MUFON Event Report Feed

UFODATA - ufo detection and tracking. Link - UFO News: current & historic reports from around the world Link
Die Deutsche Initiative für Exopolitik is a network of people, who will no longer accept the obfuscation of the extraterrestrian presence on Earth. Mankind has to accept that we are not alone in the Universe and we have to take our seat in the Universe which we share with many other species.

Now with their own Live-TV-Channel
Link - all about ufos and aliens, texts, pictures, videos Link
Newly released UFO files from the UK Government Link - unlike other sites we cover all types of unexplained phenomena and we are fully searchable. You can discover if anyone else has seen what you have. We hope to find similarities in events, or discover histories behind peoples experiences. Link
Explanation of the Recent "Strange Craft" Sightings - a breif introduction written by a man with the alias Isaac who used to work in what was called the CARET program in the 80's (Strange Alien technology). Link - UFO Information / Investigation. This site is dedicated to bring people that are interested in the UFO phenomenon information old and new, as well as pictures and book reviews. Link - Forum, Pictures, Videos and more. Link - awesome site with reports and videos about Ufos and Aliens Link
See UFO Maps in Google Earth - UFO data from National UFO Reporting Link
Ufo's over Mexico in May 2004 Link - the biggest and most used Ufo server in Germany Link - the Computer UFO Network on the World Wide Web Link - German speaking society for UFO research e.V. (German) Link - Groupe de recherche et d'etude des phenomenes insolites (French) Link
Wisconsin paranormal happenings - Ghosts, UFO sightings, Bigfoot news, Alien abduction claims, rumored werewolves, haunted houses and more! Link
UFO's The Beginning of a New World - is a site that brings together all of the aspects of the UFO phenomenon, including the latest UFO sightings from around the world, Alien Abduction, read the story of a man taken for ten days to an extraterrestrial civilisation, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, Ancient Prophecy and much more. Link
The John Tosti Story - An Alien Encounter In Bloomington, Indiana Link1
Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien - und ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier. (Deutsch) See next link. Link
UFO - Debunking Pleiadian Beamships of Billy Meier Link
ANCIENT OF DAYS - Roswell New Mexico, UFO & Abduction Conference
For honest skeptics who don't believe the UFO & Abduction phenomena are real, this conference will prove it to you. For honest believers wishing to explore what such a presence might mean, this conference will astound you!
Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence - a UFO center three fold in purpose. There are 40 hours of video, photos and 3000 eye witnesses, this is the first phase which is documentation and public acclimation which is almost complete.
The second phase is to create a military stand down and ending the greeting off world visitors with aggression.
The third phase is to create a physical sanctuary where the ETs can land and interphase with Earth Humanity.
The Secret CIA Ufo Files Link
Articles, reports, books and movies about UFO/Alien at Link
Welcome to LA - California Ufo site Link
NICAP - National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena Link
The Ufo Magazine Link
Official website of George A. Filer Link
Welcome to The Paranormal Journal ONLINE Link
Freelance Surveillance Agency - It's an American based Paranormal research & reporting group. It has investigated over 125 cases in the past 2 years and have a membership which touches all over the globe. Link
The Enterprise Mission - official World Wide Web Site of Richard C. Hoagland Link
Ufo, Aliens, Ancient Astronauts and much more Link
Close encounter of the commercial kind - UFOs and extraterrestrials in film and entertainment (in German)
from Hannes la Rue (MUFON-CES)
Link - We are not alone...the truth is out there somewhere and the people who have the official truth are hiding it from the public Link
The Ufo Store - Video, DVD and more Link - this website is devoted to the study of the existence of UFOs / UFO (UFOlogy) and extraterrestrial life as well as any contact they have had with the US government and military Link - set up by Russell J. Kellett, a UFO investigator for several years who has appeared in a number of UFO documentaries. He has also appeared on numerous TV talk shows and has worked closely with local and national radio stations as well as local and national newspapers. Link
UFO Report Japan Online is the Official Web Site of OUR-J (Organization of UFO Research Japan) Link
Ufo-research Cincinnati - analysis, news, reports, objective investigations Link
ORBWATCH - is a personally-funded, not-for-profit research project. Link
Historical Artwork and UFOs, by Matthew Hurley - The artwork in this collection consists of frescos, tapestries, illustrations, oil paintings and early photographs. Link
Cosmiverse, your Universe online - space news, science news, sci-fi news and much more, great site with sci-fi e-cards and more than 2000 pictures Link
THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER - Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data. With UFO DATA BANK: Report Database with Indexes Case Briefs (in-depth reports), Interlink (Jet-chase/airline reports), Historical Reports, NUFORC Video Link
MARA - Merseyside Anomalies Research Association.
MARA investigate UFOs, alien sightings, ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions, psychic phenomena, ESP, remote viewing, earth mysteries, Forteana and antigravity in the Merseyside and North West area of England.
Stan Gordon's Ufo Anomalies Zone (englisch) Link
SKYSCAN homepage - sightings, abductees Link
GREYHUNTER - one of the best news pages concerning the 'Mysteries of the World' Link
Alien Abduction, UFO Sighting, and Crop Circle Phenomena - This website contains detailed accounts of alien abduction experiences and UFO sightings. Report alien abduction and UFO sightings here! Chat live with other abductees! Link
The Utah Ufo Hunters Link
Skywatch International - An International Non-Profit UFO Research Organization Link
UFO-Radio - Simply, it is the worlds' first internet ufo radio station. UFO Radio is a station that will broadcast directly to all those who have an interest in ufology, via the world wide web. Start transmitting in late 2002. Link - SIRIUS UFO SPACE SCIENCES RESEARCH CENTER Link
Ufo, Alien, Mystery. Download of dokuments and videos, very informative Site ! Link
HBCC Ufo Research (Houston British Columbia, Canada) - Independant Field Investigator/Researcher Link
HBCC UFO Research - UFO Reports für Kanada und die ganze Welt Link Link
Project Hessdalen - searching for Ufo's in Norway Link
Visit the fantastic world of ufo's and extraterrestrials Link
Ufo-Sightings - The UFO Phenomenon And Its Spiritual Background. Very interesting site with many links. With chat-rooms, FAQs, newsgroups, reports from UFO-Konferences and much more. Link
the scientific Search for Life in Space Link
Kopp-Verlag, publisher für ufo, esotericism, mystery and related themes Link
MUFON-CES e.V., Mutual Ufo Network - Central European Section Link
Citizens against ufo secrecy (CAUS) Link
FBI FOIBA Electronic Reading Room Link
The famous Inaja UFO Photo by Mike Orrel Link
The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Link
The page of the Ufo Sceptik James Oberg Link
The page of Jeff Rense - ufo, abductions, bigfoot, chemitrails, paranormal Link
UFO ART by JAMES NEFF - High Quality, High Resolution, 100% Digital Prints on Medium Semigloss Stock of both Imaginary & Historic UFOs Link
The Ufo Net - Your Source of UFO Information From Around the World Link
UFOINFO - This Website provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers, enthusiasts and those new to the subject. Constantly updated, it is the Official home of the UFO ROUNDUP, AUFORN and UFO + PSI Magazine news bulletins and also has archives of Filer's Files, plus a selection of sighting reports from the Oz Files mailing list. Link
UFO Roundup - a weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories. Link
Ufo-World - Sightings, Reports, Pictures Link
The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine Link
Balton's Place, SF-Astronomy, Paläo-Seti Link
Big collection of links about the most different themes Link

Ufo Video/Audio

UFOs on the Moon:
What keeps the NASA secret?

UFO-Videos at Link
The Ufo Audio Page Link
UFO Videos Link
UFO Video Footage - Here you will find recent UFO footage of events which have been reported on TV and Radio from around the globe. Link
UFO Video Library Link
Free Movies on Reality Youtube - from Ancient Mysteries, UFO’s and Aliens, Secret Societies and Conspiracies, The Paranormal and Occult, Quantum Theory, Prophecy, Spirituality, Religion, Esoteric Teachings, History and much more Link
SciFi Channel, cinema and television Link
UFO Picture Man Link Link

Area 51, Roswell

Area51 at Google Earth

Dreamland Resort - the world's largest Area 51 Research web site Link
Dugway Proving Ground, The New Groom Lake? - secret activities at Groom Lake transferred to Dugway?. This site displays an overhead view of Dugway facilities. It is by far the most secretive facility in Utah as well as the most controversial. Link
History-TV - Report about Roswell (German) Link - great information and resources on Roswell, further links. Link
Roswell Investigator - This site is dedicated to informing those among you, the interested public, who desire to know the truth behind an extraordinary event that occurred over fifty years ago. A cover-up of the true nature of this event was immediately instituted by elements of the United States military that still survives, leaking but intact, to this very day. Link
Federation of American Scientists - Area 51, Groom Lake, NV, Watertown Strip, The Ranch. Comparison of old and new photos Link - information on Area 51 and its aircraft Link
Satellite Photos of TOP SECRET AREA 51! Link
150 Area-51 links - great info's Link
Info's about AREA 51 / Nevada Link
Reports and pictures of AREA 51 Link
Area 51 - What is behind it? Infos with picture galery (in German) Link
Area51 - Secret Base in Nevada (in German) Link
Area51 - alien biotop in the desert? Link - Pictures from Area 51 (besides pictures from all over the world) Link
Bluefire Web Page of Tom Mahood, Info's about Area51/Dreamland Link
the majestic documents - evidence that we are not alone Link
the Roswell '47 Story of the American Computer Company Link
Area-51 scenery for MS Flight Simulator 95/98 as download Link

Dugway Proving Ground

Google Earth: 40°11'19.08"N, 112°56'13.59"W

Dugway -- The New Groom Lake? Link
Dave Rosenfeld, president of Utah UFO Hunters, has an Internet page devoted to tracking strange goings-on at Dugway, including "alien presence." Link
Dugway Proving Ground at Wikipedia Link
Dugway Proving Ground - Experiments with Alien Technology Link
Is Dugway's expansion an alien concept? Link
Dugway expansion a mystery Link


Autec - Atlantic Underwater Test Evaluation Center (Underwater AREA 51) Link
AUTEC at Wikipedia Link
AUTEC Facility Link

SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

With the SETI@home Project on the search for Extraterrestrials - come on and join it ! Link
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - A Short History Link
Welcome to the homepage for the Invitation to ETI Link
SETV - the search for extra-terrestrial visitation Link
Open SETI Initiative Link
The SETI League, Inc. is participatory science. It is an international grass-roots organization dedicated to privatizing the electromagnetic Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Link
SETI Projects Link
International Academy of Astronautics, SETI Permanent Study Group - The Rio Scale is an ordinal scale between zero and ten, used to quantify the impact of any public announcement regarding evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Link
The Drake Formula - the attempt to systemise and quantify the propability of the existence of other technical civilisations in our galaxy. The almost legendary "Drake Formula" is in principle still the basis of all considerations in this direction. Link - Xenoarchaeology, Exoarchaeology, Aviation/Aerospace Archaeology, Space Heritage, SETI, SETA, SETT, SETV, Science Fiction, Planetary SETI, Skeptic Link

Paläo-SETI - Had the Gods been Astronauts?

A.A.S. - Archeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association
(former: Ancient Astronaut Society)
Welcome to the official Erich von Däniken web site Link
Paläo Seti relevant Locations on Earth (for Google Earth) Link
The project "THE LOST GOD" by Gregor Spörri.
Searching for the mysterious forces of the great pyramids of Giza he discovers some very different beast, something unbelievable.
Welcome to the world of Ancient Astronauts ! Link
XFACTS.RESEARCH - Modern Science, Ancient Knowledge, The Extraterrestrial Connection Link
Google Earth Links for Paleo-Archeology Link - a databank for Paleo-Astronautics, Ufology and Mysteries of Mankind. Link
The Evolution of Mankind Link
Website of Walter-Jörg Langbein - Gods from Space Link
The Prophet Ezechiel, Homepage of Christian Forrer Link
Zecharia Sitchin Official Website (The 12th Planet) Link
Site of Klaus Richter: Criticism of the Paleo-SETI-Hypothesis, the Sirius-Mystery, interpretations of the Pyramids, Evolution contra Zillmer and much more (in German). Link
Balton's Place, SF-Astronomy, Paleo-Seti Link
Interesting, important or funny informations on relevant themes of astronomy, geology, archeology, paleontology or Paleo-SETI Link
Chariots of the Gods - the series Link

Science Fiction - Sci-Fi writer Marianne Sydow and Heinz-Jürgen Ehrig. Awesome photos, grafics, texts and The Library Ehrig, biggest European private collection of German utopia and fantasticism. Here you find books and booklets of four centuries. (German) Link
German Science Fiction - the Portal for SF made in Germany Link
SF motifs from the past Link
scifi4u - an online magazine dedicated to the science fiction genre. We accept submissions of short stories and novellas of any length. Link - Files, reprints and other books about extraterrestrial life, utopian literature · science fiction. Link
Terranischer-Club-Eden - Webseite of the Terranischen Club Eden (TCE), the German Club for Science Fiction & Phantastics!. Link
Papermodels of SF Planes - at the webseite of PaperAviation. Link
Official German Star Trek Fan Club. Link
Terracom - the eFanzine of the PROC Community. Link - club for science fiction, fantasy and fantasticism (German) Link - Website of society of friends of Phantastika Space & Time, registered society. Link
NOVA - The German magazine for science fiction & venture. Link
Mohlberg Publishing House - Science Fiction novels, booklets and antique shop. Link - Fantastic pictures and graphic arts with themes from Perry Rhodan, Orion, Star Trek and more. Link
Witt's Wallpapers - The site includes several thousand computer wallpapers (Babylon 5, SciFi, Star Trek, Star Wars), Useful Links (Several hundred), SciFi startup and shutdown screens, a collection of Cursors & Icons, a small collection of old or hard to find software that is still very useful, some articles by himself and a blog about Great Web Sites. Link
First German Fantasy Club e.V. - The purpose of the club is to provide appreciation, distribution and acceptation to fantasy literature and allied artistical fields and to promote science, art and culture with regard to fantasy literature. Link
The Phantastik-Gilde Biebertal (German) Link
FOLLOW - since 1966 this somewhat different club is engaged in the simulation of a fantasy world (German) Link
Science Fiction Club Universum Link
Desktop Starships is dedicated to science fiction and fantasy pictures and the computer graphics artists who create them. All of the pictures on this site are sized to be used as Windows wallpaper. Find also Fonts, Movies and more. Link
Science Fiction Club Germany e.V. Link
The Science-Fiction World Link
An Author Owned and Operated Science Fiction Bookstore and Writer's Workshop On The Internet (with great graphic arts) Link
Roswell Imperium is the most voluminous german site of the american cult series "Roswell" with all important information and the best pictures of the main actors. Here you also find the "Leading Gear"- Elite Site Award. Link
Fanpage Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery - At Sternensonde you may find recensions of books and booklet series like Maddrax, Sternenfaust, Perry Rhodan or Atlan, booklets, books, multimedia (German). Link
Free Science Fiction Ebooks by Duncan Long Link
Science Fiction eBooks Link
MF3D - website of Michael Fey with awesome 3D drawings from Perry Rhodan and graphics for Perry Rhodan and Raumpatrouille Orion. Link
Starship Dimensions - the ultimate page for the comparison of the dimensions of science fiction spaceships, but unfortunately without the spaceships of the Perry Rhodan series. Link
www.fantastrips - cheers for the trivial literature! Lot of fun with painting comics and illustrating, with liability to pulp & trivial literature (German) Link
Star Trek-World Link
Raumpatrouille Orion Fanfilm Webseite Link
Raumpatrouille Orion Fanfilm - Teaser Raumpatrouille Orion 2015 Link
Space Patrol Orion multimedia Link
ORION-Games, phantastic adventures in the year 3000 Link
Space Patrol - the phantastic adventures of the spaceship ORION, episode logbooks, models, video/audio etc. Link
Welcome to the official site of "Raumpatrouille Orion - Rücksturz ins Kino!" Link
The Invaders - Invasion from Wega (USA 1966-68, BRD 1970/71) Link
Barbarella - Queen of the Galaxy Link

Perry Rhodan

Weltcon 2011

Perry Rhodan Link
the Perry Rhodan dokumentary film Link
A Perry Rhodan encyclopedia like Wikipedia. Perrypedia has more than 9000 articles about the Perry Rhodan series and the Atlan series. Link
Perry Rhodan Video Channel on Youtube. Link
The Perry Rhodan Facebook Presence. Link
Publisher Site to PERRY RHODAN NEO. Link
Numerous Perry Rhodan Readings. Link
Perry Rhodan alternative... (German) Link
The FanFiction Archive - 50 Years Perry Rhodan. Link
The Perry Rhodan Galaxies Databank - Galaxies and cosmic places of the Perry Rhodan Universe Link
Der Einsame der Zeit - a Perry Rhodan Film from Fans for Fans. Trailer, News, Interviews (German) Link
Perry Rhodan World - the exchange and info sites (German) Link
Official Site of the Perry Rhodan scetch drawers - awesome site withexcellent illustrations not only for Perry Rhodan Link
Perry Rhodan - the Adventure Game (publication date expected is February 2008) Link
Perry Rhodan - the Adventure Game, here you may find previews and also other films about Perry Rhodan and Atlan on Link
Perry Rhodan Fan Centre Link
P E R R Y....R H O D A N - A N I M E & M A N G A Link
Stamps with mit Perry Rhodan Link
Perry Rhodan Webring Link
Perry Rhodan Online Club Link
Atlan Website Link
atlan-club-deutschland Link
MF3D - website of Michael Fey with awesome 3D drawings from Perry Rhodan and graphics for Perry Rhodan and Raumpatrouille Orion. Link
Perry Rhodan Sphere Ship Stardust built with LEGO Link
Korvettenproject - the attempt to develop a spheric spaceship with manageable dimensions, perhaps corresponding to the ideas of K.H. Scheer and as far as possible being conform with the statements of Rainer Castor. Link

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