The Visitors is a Sci- fi film which takes place in Las Vegas , Nevada .  The story is about a successful happily married man.  Who sadly loses his wife and child in a tragic car accident. John “Michael Anthony” feeling torn apart and suicidal ventures out deep into the desert near area 51.  John encounters a close contact with a Pleiadian (Semjase)   what happens next is truly a spiritual beautiful journey
I had always wanted to do a mix medium Sci Fi film regarding Pleiadians and real life situations  .  I did research on the Pleiadians and even had dreams about them.  After seeing several UFO'S in Nevada myself, I came up with the idea of doing TheVisitors. Since the movie was made, it opened my mind to the possibility that we really are not alone. That is what inspired me to make this film about higher spiritual beings from another planet.

The first principal day of photography started out normal; booked a studio to do filming. Then 3 days later the weird stuff started to happen in Frenchman’s mountain in Las Vegas Nevada . We started setting up in the desert. Then out of no where,  a Air force chopper appeared right above us for about 5 minutes. It then disappeared into the mountains. Then we saw and videoed a mutilated Burrow animal that we added to the film.  Another strange thing happened .Lastly we saw in the far distance below the horizon, two UFO (white ball like images sitting still for a second then became smaller and smaller and then disappeared.) It was obvious they knew we were shooting the film and they wanted to make themselves visible.

I must say that my hopes are high for The Visitors, and by that I really hope people will enjoy the film as much as I do.
Making this film was a labor of love,  to download the movie click on the website below.
The Visitors Official Trailer
The Visitors Offical Music Video