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Assassination of John F. Kennedy 1963

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Free Movies on Reality Youtube - from Ancient Mysteries, UFO’s and Aliens, Secret Societies and Conspiracies, The Paranormal and Occult, Quantum Theory, Prophecy, Spirituality, Religion, Esoteric Teachings, History and much more Link
The strange Story of 1991 VG - Orbit Data from JPL Small-Body Database Browser Link
Mysterious Object follows Earth - Orbit Data from JPL Small-Body Database Browser Link
Terra Mystica - Mystery and Phenomena, which elude many explanations Link
The Parallel Civilization is Reality - The real background of the BILDERBERG GROUP Link - Geistheilung, spirituelle Lebensberatung zu Karma, Karmaausgleich Liebe, Geld, Beruf und Karmaufloesung (German) Link
The official Starchild website - Starchild was recovered from a mine tunnel in Mexico. Read more about the latest findings Link
The “Black Knight” Satellite, here is a Video Link
Jungfrau Park Interlaken - Fun & Shows Link
Galileo-Park - a Pyramid park as part of the Sauerland-Pyramids with unique exhibitions about major incidents and unsolved mysteries of this world.(German) Link - since 2004 the World Discoveries Organization presents controversial diskussions and encounters with fascinating discoveries of science and the great mysteries of our world. Link - unlike other sites we cover all types of unexplained phenomena and we are fully searchable. You can discover if anyone else has seen what you have. We hope to find similarities in events, or discover histories behind peoples experiences. Link
Red rain of Kerala - not from this world? Link - Videos & Documentations, Speeches & Interviews concerning extraordinary Topics, partly Freeware Link
Scary Videos - Scary ghost videos, pictures & stories. Link
The Paranormal Network Link - videos, reports, blogs, forum Link
Mysteries Magazin - Mysteries, Miracles, Phenomenons Link - explore lost civilizations, anciant ruins sacred writings unexplained artifacts and science mysteries Link - Ancient World Mysteries from a Lost Age... Link - Explanations for ancient Secrets and Mysteries Link
Glen Avalon - eclectic/esoteric portal, mysteries and scientifics, Sun, Earth, Moon and much more. Great Site! Link
GWUP - Society for scientifical research of paranormal sciences (German) Link
Webseite of Lars A. Fischinger - Ancient Aliens & Mystery Files. Link
UnexplainedEarth - is an online journal for exploring mysterious places and unexplained phenomena. It is a site about a search for the truth. Link
World Explorers Club Link
The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies - this non-commercial organisation is doing research work in special fields such as scientific and technical abilities of early cultures, correlations between natural sciences, human disciplines, art and techniques, economy, philosophy, and scientific study of religions in past, present time and future. Link
Paranormal Deutschland e.V. (German) Link
Claus Rahn - charlatan or real PSI phenomenon Link
MMM Group - different topics like crop circles, pyramids, Noah's Ark, prehistory, Oak Island and more. Link - welcome to the Internet's most popular destination for news, discussion, and debate on government conspiracies, cover-ups, UFO's, and other alternative topics. (Englisch) Link
NASCA - National Association for Scientific and Cultural Appreciation. Lots of interesting topics. Link
Paranormal Phenomena at, great archive Link
Science-Explorer - Homepage of the Paranormal with lots of data an information about different topics Link
worldwide anomalous phenomena resource Link
Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia (USA) filmed ? (Englisch) Link
The Lost Squadron of the Bermuda Triangle (Report) Link
Journeyy to the libraries of the palmtree leafs. Follow your destiny. Time travles to the libraries of the palmtree leafs in India. Rishis from Shambhala reading in Akasha chronicle 7000 years ago Link
Nabta and Orion - Nabta's calendar circle was used at least 6,000 years ago, and probably earlier — at least a millennium before the first stones were laid at Stonehenge in England. Although Nabta's calendar circle is not nearly as grand, it has been nicknamed "the Egyptian Stonehenge." Link
TUNGUSKA - The Cosmic Mystery of the Century
by Planetarium Director, Roy A. Gallant of the Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine
Tunguska Homepage of University of Bologna - with new findings Link
Modern Science - Ancient Knowledge by Jason Martell Link
The Search for Planet X (Niribu) Link
Planet X - the facts, the myths Link
Eden - The Andrew Collins Website, Home of the Questing Conference
(Author of "Gateway to Atlantis")
Link - ... searching for lost civilisations Link
Atlantis in a new light Link
RENNES-LE-CHATEAU RESEARCH & DISCOVERIES - website from Ben Hammott dedicated to researching the Mystery created by Berenger Sauniere, the priest of the small hilltop village of Rennes-le-Chateau in France. Link
Stonehenge - 360 Degree virtual views Link
Dogon Theory of Creation, The Sirius Mystery of the Dogon Link
The Dogon Link
The treasure of Sangershausen, the Universe is a disk - it is a bronze disk with a picture of golden sheet metals. It shows celestial bodies and stars and constellations based on exact astronomical calculations. It is the first known description of exactly observed stars in Europe. Link
The WinterSteel Paranormal Information and Stories Site - great site with reports and pictures about time travel experiments (Philadelphia Experiment, King Bird-50), Bermuda-Triangle, Atlantis, Ghosts and much more Link
The Disks of Baian-Kara-Ula ...they came from the stars Link
The mystery of the spheres made of stone (German) Link
Welcome to The Noise Room - this web site is dedicated to bringing you all of the news and nformation on Modern Mysteries, Ancient History and the New Research. Link - the biggest mysteries megasite on planet Earth! Link
East Yorkshire Mystery Files © - access some amazing East Yorkshire UFO, GHOST & BIG CAT ENCOUNTERS. There's also LOCAL FORTEAN ITEMS on this site, and some East Yorkshire MYTHS & LEGENDS. Link
The Global-Scaling-Theory - at the Institute for Space-Energy-Research GmbH in Wolfratshausen Link
Welcome to the Back Roads Ghost Society (BRGS). Our group specializes in Investigations within Northern IL and the chicagoland Area. Here you will find full length articles (most written by myself) on REAL haunted places in the United States. You will also find a gallery of famous ghost photographs, EVP, and even a glossary of paranormal terms. Enjoy your stay and remember, there are such things as ghosts! Link - for everything in the known universe and beyond Link
Paraseek - The Paranormal Search Engine Link - strange and mysterious topics, computers, links To Other Stuff Link
Unsolved Mysteries, the world of the inexplicable - unexplored phenomenon and mysterious findings, an exhibition Link
Unsolved Mysteries, Report about a sensational exhibition with pictures and infos Link
Mysterious Objects in our Solar System (in German) Link
The PlanetX Video Project Link
TRANSIENT LUNAR PHENOMENA - This site is dedicated to the accumulation of observations that might confirm the reality of these phenomena, here you may record your observations. Link
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery - In many different exhibition rooms you may find lots of information with many pictures concerning different mystery themes. Link
A site about mysteries of earth and space. With music samples and a very advisable art gallery. Link
SpiritWeb.Org - from astrology to ufo sightings. Besides this Spiritweb offers many sites with other paranormal phenomenon. Link
The greatest mysteries of our world Link
Thre realistic revolution Link
the official Graham Hancock Website - in search of the Lost Civilisation Link
The past of mankind is filled with mysteries. Find out more about some of these mysteries Link
Ancient Cultures, A Site by Ian Alexander Blease Link
Cryptomundo - for Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and More Link
Mysteries of Mankind Link
About the mysterious humming in Germany (IAB - Interessengemeinschaft zur Aufklärung des Brummtons). Link
Private Website - Link
Remote Viewer's Store Link

The X-Files

X-Files News Link
X-Files Wiki - Fandom Link
The X-Files - Wikipedia Link
Gillian Anderson Website Link
David Duchovny Website Link

Pyramids in Egypt

For more reports concerning Egypt go here

"A circle of fire coming in the sky, noiseless, one rod long with its body and one rod wide. After some days these things became more numerous, shining more than the brightness of the sun."

-From a series of Egyptian Heiroglyphs on a papyrus dated to the reign of Thutmose III (1504-1450 BC)

Pyramid Research with Dr. Hans Jelitto Link
The UPUAUT-Site of Rudolf Gantenbrink Link
The project "THE LOST GOD" by Gregor Spörri.
Searching for the mysterious forces of the great pyramids of Giza he discovers some very different beast, something unbelievable.
The Official Robert Bauval Website - Gantenbrink Door News Page Link
Measurement of gamma radiation at the Pyramids Link
Project Cheops - The aim of this projects is the search for the entrances to the "Big Labyrinth" and the discovery of "Pharaoh-Cheops". It claims that after the Great Flood an energomagnetic safety system for the Earth has been installed in the Great Pyramide at Giza. (German) Link
The Giza-Projekt - actual status of the work for recording miscellaneous archaeological excavation. Link
The Giza Plateau Mapping Project - dedicated to research on the geology and topography of the Giza plateau, the construction and function of the Sphinx, the Great Pyrimids, the associated tombs and temples, and the Old Kingdom town in the vicinity. Link
A survey of the pyramid group and other relics on the Giza Plateau, 15 km southwest of Cairo. This survey was unique in that advanced scientific technologies were applied, thus avoiding any sort of destruction to the site. Link
Cuneiform Digital Library. Link
Quarks & Co - The Egyptian Pyramids (German) Link
Was An Alien Foetus Buried in Tutankhamen's Chamber (Ufocasebook Newsletter Nr. 49) Link
Pyramids and the Atlantis Great Flood Desaster (German) Link
The GOLDEN mystery of the Sphinx - Is the pyramid on the Karlsruher market place where Markgraf Karl-Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach, the founder of the city of Karlsruhe is buried, linked in a peculiar way to the mystery of the Sphinx ?? (German) Link
Nabta and Orion - Nabta's calendar circle was used at least 6,000 years ago, and probably earlier — at least a millennium before the first stones were laid at Stonehenge in England. Although Nabta's calendar circle is not nearly as grand, it has been nicknamed "the Egyptian Stonehenge." Link
THE PYRAMIDS OF GIZEH - Speculation and Science (German) Link
Archaeology Resources - archaeology related news, books and web resources. Link

Pyramids in China

The pyramids in China - a report of Dietmar Schrader (in German) Link
"White Pyramid" discovered - a report of Walter Hain Link

The World of the Maya

The how and why of the Mayan end date in 2012 A.D. Link
Website of Sven Gronemeyer about the Maya with endless informations. Link
Maya Codex Dresdensis online Link
Lots of links on Maya Link
Goddies out of the world of the Maya Link - Mystery of the Maya Link
Cities of the Ancient Maya - Mayan Archeology Homepage Link explores Maya cultures of Guatemala, Mexico ... Link - they found a skeleton in the now submerged caves at Tulum, Yucatan, that could be 10,000 years old. Link
An informative virtual reality view inside the archaeology museum at the Maya ruins of Copan, Honduras Link
The Maya Astronomy Site Link
Welcome to the Maya Calendar - Maya World Studies Center, Mérida, Yucatan, México Link

Crystal Skulls

The Crystal Skulls - pictures, infos, stories Link
AMAZING CRYSTAL SKULLS - Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Explained. Crystal Skull Secrets Revealed. Link
Crystal Skull Compassion, the Sacred Feminine (Englisch). Link
Crystal Skulls Web Portal Link
The Ancient Crystal Skulls - with Joshua & DesyRainbow Shapiro.
Website with lots of information including contacts, books, videos.
Kukulkan Netzwerk (German) Link

Crop Circles

Crop Circle at Raisting/Bavaria 2014
Coordinates for Google Earth: Latitude: 47°53'56.76"N, Longitude: 11° 6'20.75"E
Here you may see pictures of my visit on-site.
Temporary Temples - Latest Crop Circles & Image Library Link
Invisible Circle - independant community for research of the crop circle phenomenon, very informative site Link
Crop Circle Connector - this site is the most extensive crop-circle site in the internet. Here you may find all information about crop circles - an international crop-circle database is included. Link
Forschungsgesellschaft Kornkreise e.V. (Research Association Crop Circles e.V.) Link - Mystery in mystic Countryside (German) Link
Cropcirclescience, site of Andreas Müller - site and gateway to the interdisciplinary Crop Circle research Link
Swiss website of the crop cirlce research Link - crop-circles and other topics Link
Crop Circle Database - 1500 crop circle links Link
International Crop Circle Database Link
The new official Website for the new Series "The Croppies" Link
Home of England's crop circle makers Link

The Bible Code

he Bible Code - with Bible Decoder Link
Investigations concerning the Bible Code Link
Codex Sinaiticus - Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world. Over 1600 years old, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. Link

The External Stones at Teutoburg Forrest

The External Stones at Teutoburg Forrest (German) Link
The External Stones Homepage of Landesverbandes Lippe (German) Link
External Stones - almighty powerplace of our ancestors. Private Site of Peter Weinfurth from Ennepetal (German) Link
External Stones - aerial photography with the drone (Youtube) Link
The External Stones (Part 1 Youtube) Link
The External Stones (Part 2 Youtube) Link


Project linking the famous Nasca Lines or geoglyphs with sources of subterranean water. By Donald A. Proulx, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus. Link
Discovery of an ancient 75,000 year-old circular monolithic stone calendar site in Southern Africa. Link
Mysterious caves at the Untersberg/Bavaria - explored by Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Höhlenforschung Bad Cannstatt e.V. (German) Link
The Intention Experiment - Can your thoughts heal the world?
Join the world’s largest mind-over-matter experiments
Mysteries of the Past - Blog(spot) of Gisela Ermel Link
Newgrange Winter Solstice - live view Link
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL), a project of the University of Oxford Link
The Hopi Message
from Native American Prophecies
Divers find Rock Lake's 'Lost Pyramids' Link
Here you will find imaginations, wishes, nightmares and dreams concerning mediumistic apparatuses as entries in some kind of lexicon. Link
Iceman Photo Scan - the complete photographic documentation of the body of the Iceman mummy. Link
The website of the explorers of the Grand Paititi
with website and Blog of the 2009 campagne 'ANTISUYU 2009'
Phantastic Oak Island - Search for the Unknown Link
The Treasure of Oak Island's Money Pit - want to find out more about the world's greatest treasure hunt? The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of the world's longest running hunt for treasure which continues to this day. Link
Oak Island Tourism Society - on Oak Island Nova Scotia is located the famous "Money Pit". Some theories suggest that it could be Pirate plunder, Spanish gold or the lost fortunes of the holy warriors, the Templar Knights. Link
Tayos Gold Library - The Odyssey of Stan Hall, Architect of the Tayos Caves Expedition of 1976 Link
The temples of Malta, virtual views Link
Projekt Troia - This is the online presence of the archaeological excavation run by the University of Tübingen and the University of Cincinnati at Troia (Western Turkey) Link
Atlantis and Troja - The history of Atlantis is a description of Troja and the incidents in connection with the trojan war Link
"Troia - Virtual Reconstruction" - Troia-researchers of the University of Tübingen together with software developer of the Berlin ART+COM AG are building a complete virtual 3D-Model of the legendary Troia. It is shown for the first time at the Art- and Exposition Hall of the Federal republic of Germany. Link

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