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The first microprocessor has been developed by the American company Intel

The American company MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry system) builds the first minicomputer Altair 8080

Bill Gates (19) with his partner Paul Allen establish their company in Redmond. They want to transfer the program language BASIC to the Altair

The company Apple becomes established in California

The Apple II is the first personnel computer with floppy drive

At the Palo Alto Research center (PARC) Xerox develops the first computer with mouse and graphic user surface, the XeroxStar

First IBM-PC with M-DOS 1.0 of the company from Redmond

Apple commercializes the first computer with mouse and graphic user surface, Lisa, by means of the Xerox-invention

the company from Redmond commercializes the text processing word and starts with the development of Windows.

Hewlett-Packard shows the first laser printer with technology of Canon. The Apple-Macintosh comes to the market. Digitally Equipment presents Gem, the first graphic user surface

the company from Redmond sells Windows 1.0 for 100 dollars, however there is not much user software

The Pakistanian brothers Basit and Amjad Alvi issue the first computer virus, it attacks PC with the operating system M-DOS

Windows 3.0 becomes the bestseller and this is the bginning of the end of M-DOS

Linus Torwalds, a Finnish student, starts with the development of Linux, a PC-variant of the Unix system. Tim Berners-Lee introduces the World Wide Web (WWW) at the Atomic Research Center in Geneva

The browser Netscape Navigator makes the World Wide Web popular

Due to a tremendous advertising campaign the company from Redmond sells more than 4 million licenses of the new operating system Windows 95 in the first days

US-Robotics commercializes the pilot, the earliest ancestor of all Palm organizers. Sun and Oracle want to break the monopoly of the company from Redmond with the Net-PC, which is nearly maintenance-free and loads its software over a computer network. The attempt fails

the company from Redmond introduces the Internet Explorer 4, as a counterpart to Netscape. Netscape loses thereupon the "Browser-war"

Apple comes back with the designer-PC iMac. With computer and monitor in one housing and without floppy drive

One uses tray-PC for surfing the internet. The computer conquers the Handys. First Smartphones come to the market