My Favorits

LINUX is advancing ! If you are interested in Linux you'll find a lot of Information on my Linux-Page.

Several links concerning Ufo, crop circles, psychic forces, Area51/Dreamland, Roswell may be found on my Ufo Page.

If you like to build your own homepage, try the page with Links for your homepage with a lot of hints and suggestions. In addition to that you should visit the Freeware and Shareware Page where you can find a large number of links for free programs, tools, java-scripts und applets.

The endless universe ! Always fascinating ! Visit my page about Aviation and Space Flight with Links to Nasa, the space station ISS, but also to DLR or the German Museum in Munich. You can have a look at the starry sky with the links in the Astronomy Page with a virtual trip through our solar system.
And maybe you wish to give a star to your darling.

There's also a lot of fun on my page. Here you can read hundreds of jokes. Lots of comics you'll find on my comic pages
And if now and then, you want to play a little game, I'll recommend my small collection of java games